Kosher in Japan Travel and living。
In recent years we see a great increase in kosher travelers to Japan.
WIth the notion that  Japanese Washoku being not only a delicious type of food but also healthy, there is a great need for a comprehensive database concerning types of Japanese products:
•currently certified kosher , 
•food and drink that are acceptable as kosher for consumption, 
•Kosher issues concerning food that  might be mistakenly regarded as kosher i.e vegetarian/vegan restaurants, sushi bars etc.
The information we will provide will define and explain the most basic principles of kosher food regulations in general and specifically how they are implemented in Japanese food manufacturing plants.
The information is for end consumer such as kosher travelers or Japanese food enthusiasts and there is also a more detailed explanations geared towards the Japanese food manufacturing industry  who might be interested in getting kosher certification.
Our Kosher information is based on over two decades of extensive and direct knowledge and experience of Japanese food manufacturing processes here in Japan.




輸出のために紹介するKosher ( Kashrut)認証は、世界で最も価値の高いコーシャ認証プログラムを提供しています。

各有名 Kosher認証を取得することにより、企業のサイズにかかわらず、認定されたすべての企業は、最高品質のサービスを利用して食品会社のマーケティング戦略を強化し、売上を増やすのに役立つことが知られています。

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